Yoga in Broadbottom with Helen Roscoe


Body, breath & mind


Yoga brings about focus that is practical and effective in creating a positive shift to our state of mind.

Viniyoga refers to an application of yoga, the origins of which are transmitted through the spirit of Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras. This particular approach to teaching yoga has been informed by Sri T. Krishnamacharya and his son, T.K.V Desikichar, who have inspired Viniyoga as an adaptation of practice. An application of yoga which aims to suit the different needs and situations of the individual, so that the essence of yoga can be made available to us all.
I teach classes in small groups or in a one to one capacity and explore key yoga postures along with the concept of linking breath with movement. The idea is to move and breathe mindfully so that we can achieve a certain level of focus, removing us from the distractions of the mind. Sometimes I may introduce sound and teach seated breathing practices. It is important to me that sessions are enjoyable and relaxing.

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