Yoga in Broadbottom with Helen Roscoe


Body, breath & mind


"The natural comfort and joy of our being is expressed when the body becomes steady."

Nischala Joy Devi
Expect to explore postures in a creative way and connect to the breath as your friend. Learn to fully relax and find stillness whilst enjoying some philosophy to maintain your curiosity.
It is important to me that yoga is accessible and inclusive to anyone who may wish to start. I teach an approach that is focused around the breath, we move within it’s capabilities because it will be the first to tell you if something is too much, or not enough. This is how we begin to learn about ourselves.
We connect through our movement in postures that are carefully designed and adapted to move you towards something that is more subtle.
After each sequence or part of the practice we offer ourselves time to observe the shifts that have occurred within us. The breath allows us to observe our response.
Then we give ourselves time to listen more inwardly based on our experience. What do we feel in this precise moment?
Finally we reflect. What do I need more of? What do I need less of?… In order to move through life with ease.

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